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Messianic dance is a wonderful, way to worship the Lord! However, there are hundreds and hundreds of dances, and sometimes many different versions exist of the same dance. Messianic dance is our cultural heritage as Messianic believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ). It goes by many names: "Davidic praise dance," "Liturgical dance," "Jewish worship dance." We here have opted to use a generic term, as this site encomapasses a variety of styles and traditions either directly or loosely based upon Israeli folk dancing. The founders of the Jeremiah 31 project have a burden to make it easy to preserve and share that heritage - to bring Messianic dance out of dusty old notebooks and utilize the speed and convenience that the digital age offers.

Why "Jeremiah 31"?

The Project was named for a chapter in the Scriptures which speaks of restoration and prosperity, of the remnant of Israel being delivered by God and given hope and joy, and how they express that joy through dancing. We believe that this prophesy is both yet to be fulfilled in the return of the Messiah and also is being brought about in our own lives today through the accomplished sacrifice of Yeshua on the cross, his resurrection and his subsequent giving of the Holy Spirit. With that joy and hope in mind we, here at Jeremiah 31, set about thinking of a way to share and preserve our heritage of dance.


Our goal for this website is simple:

  • To preserve and share our heritage of Messianic dance
  • To build up the worship dance community in the body of Messiah

How You Can Contribute

The way this site is structured, you be as involved or as casual as you want. At the first level, you can simply use the site as a reference and a tool for Messianic dance (we have lyrics, notated dance steps, and videos as well as other musical resources). At a deeper level, you can join the project and start posting some dances and information of your own. Whether you have a lot of content to post or only make edits or posts once in a blue moon, we hope you'll consider joining our effort. The more people contribute to this site, the better it becomes!

Contact Us!

Finally, please, if you have any questions, would like to be promoted to editor or choreographer status, or anything else, don't hesitate to [email us] or like us and message us on Facebook: Jeremiah 31 Project.